Surgery Day is here!

Today Juddah had his follow up appointment  with his neurosurgeon to discuss his treatment plan as a result of the MRI done last week. Friday morning at 5:30am Juddah will be admitted to the hospital for his Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy. There is a link a couple of posts down that will take you to a page that briefly describes the surgery if you missed it. This surgery is the first step to try and drain the fluid, if successful Juddah will not need a shunt. There is no way for the surgeon to tell if it is going to work or not, until a couple of days post surgery if this is doing the job properly. We also talked about his left brain. Their is significantly less brain tissue on the left as compared to the right, so the sooner the fluid is drained the sooner that tissue has a chance to regenerate. This surgery does not come with out known risk factors, but the surgeon believes that Juddahs anatomy makes him a prime candidate for this procedure.

(Deep Breath) While is seems as tho this day has taken forever to get here, in the same breath is seems to have arrived all to quickly, and while Juddah has grown so big in the last two months and has steadily gained weight, when I think of him on the operating table he seems way to small to undergo this procedure.  I'm resting in the fact that God brought him to this moment in time, and that He holds Juddah in the palm of  His hand. 

Today as we left his appointment, in the elevator my mind filled with all the what ifs, asking God if this is the right decision,  when we got off the elevator on the first floor, there were two ladies I didn't know. But they knew Juddah. One of them said to me, "is that baby Juddah? Let me see how big hes grown," and she started walking toward us, before she reached us, the other woman was laying hands on Juddah and pleading the blood of Jesus over him, praying for him in a powerful, yet tender southern voice...  Juddah laid in his stroller, calmly and quietly, smiling at the woman as she prayed with her hand on his head leaning close into his face as she prayed.... when she was done, she looked at me and said "He's got the light of Jesus in his eyes...." I replied to her.."You see it too?, I know, it's Jesus isn't it!" The presence of the Lord was surrounding us, and the air was filled with complete holy spirit peace... it was clear that the Lord had sent those two women to be in that place at that exact moment so they could be used by our all consuming God for his purposes. So thankful they acted on what God had asked of them, for me it was confirmation directly from God that this indeed was the right decision for Juddah. 

One specific prayer request for the surgeon on Friday, help her to see the landmarks in Juddahs brain clearly, as they guide the scope in the exact place it needs to be. It is a tricky area she will be working in and right next to a main artery which needs to remain untouched. 
Prayer Warriors, you know what to do!
The LORD your God is with Juddah, 
the Mighty Warrior who saves. 
He will take great delight in Juddah; 
in his love he will no longer rebuke you, 
but will rejoice over Juddah with singing.
Zephaniah 3:17


Natalie said...

We will be praying all week and all day friday. The Lord has little Juddah in the palm of His hands and will hold him through through this and His plan will be done. You are in the palm of His hands too and the Lord our God will comfort you and give you peace. Praying, praying.

heidi said...

Oh wow... i am overwhelmed! I am praying for Juddah and you! I love you! Your honestly, Your passion, and your sacrificial love! I am praying!!!

Andrea said...

Praying Praying!!!