Getting ready

Today Juddah was busy getting ready for his big surgery day tomorrow. He had his blood drawn, and got registered. I think all Korah kids must be born tough, because when they put the needle in to draw the blood he didn't even flinch. What made him mad tho, was the fact that we were holding him down and not letting him squirm as they took it. Later in the day he just relaxed 'Juddah style' in the yard.  

He is to check in tomorrow at 5:15am and is scheduled for surgery later in the morning. His surgeon thinks it will be a 2-3 hour procedure if all goes smoothly. I will try and post updates via twitter and FB as the day goes on. 

Please continue to lift the surgeon and Juddah up in prayer.
Prayer Warriors needed...

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Gioia said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Cherrie - with you in our thoughts and prayers!!!