Meeting Baby Juddah.

October 20, 2010
Every day in Korah is filled with the unknown. In the evening you plan what you ‘think’ you will be doing the next day, set your alarm, go to bed, wake up and head out to try and accomplish everything you had planned the night before. It never takes too long before your plans are changed and God shows you what He wants you to do that day. This morning was no different. We had three hospital runs to do. Alert Hospital, African Clinic and Korean Hospital. We had the boy who was diagnosed with Hepatitis B headed to Alert. A boy who was brought home from Shashamane headed to the African Clinic, and the man who had abscessed fungal infection surgery 4 days earlier at the Korean Hospital to check in on. Just as we started walking to Alert, pastor asked me to come with him to a house just behind the church. He was saying something about a woman, with stomach pains, or so I thought. As we entered the threshold to the house, there sat three women, two older and one younger. The younger woman stood and pulled back the curtain from the bed and pointed… I didn’t see anything at first and then got closer and as I pulled back some of the covers there lay the two of the tiniest babies I had ever seen. Only their little brown faces showing, eyes closed. Guessing they weighed no more than 4 pounds each. Fraternal twins. I gently stroked the cheek of the first baby and he turned his head a bit, then stroked the cheek of the second baby, and got no response, gently massaged the chest of the baby and still got no response, quickly unwrapped the baby and finally got a response with a jerk of an arm after what seemed like an eternity. The second baby was so cold to the touch, arms legs, head, entire body was cold. I unzipped my sweatshirt, and zipped the baby inside. Picked up the first baby and he too was cold, but not as bad. Both babies were lying in a pile of urine soaked blankets. When I asked Sammy if any babies ever wear diapers, he just chuckled and said, ‘no, no baby ever wears diapers’. We wrapped the babies in dry scarves, and pastor and Berhanu went to the church storage to get dry baby clothes and blankets as mom and I held the babies trying to warm them. Pastor and Berhanu arrived with the dry clothes and blankets; we wrapped the babies, told the women to hold them until we came back. Headed to Mackenesa to get diapers, about a 20 minute trip. Drove back to the house, got the babies in diapers, and again dry blankets. Berhanu snuggled one baby in his arms and Goshu held the other baby, while I talked to mom. Discovered that she had been feeding the babies’ cow milk, because her milk never came in. After some discussion between Pastor and mom, came to the conclusion that they were somewhere between 10-15 days old. The babies began to warm up, and opened their big brown eyes... Oh my goodness, Joy indescribable when they opened their eyes. Spent some time talking to mom and two other ladies about how important it would be to hold the babies and keep them dry until we returned the next morning. Showed them how to put on the diaper and how to mix the formula we purchased. Will head back tomorrow to see how they are doing, and get mom and babies into mother newborn clinic. Prayer warriors needed

Life in Korah

October 21, 2010
Here is a video clip that gives you a glimpse of what life is like in Korah.

Juddah and his mom

October 25, 2010
This is Juddah and his mamma. It was taken on the day that I was first introduced to the family. She is a wonderful mama to Juddah and Sarah, and is doing everything possible she knows how to do to care for her precious little ones. Please pray that God would continue to give her the energy and strength it takes to survive in Korah, that she would not become weary in caring for her children, that her health would be sustained. 
Prayer Warriors Needed!

The next few days

October 29, 2010
Over the next few days, Berhanu and I took the babies to different clinics and hospitals trying to get a handle on what was wrong with Juddah. He wasn't growing like his sister, and his head was misshaped. The first 3 doctors did all the usual tests... measured their heads, weighed them and checked their reflexes. They all were in agreement that the babies were fine, except for their small size. All agreed that if we could keep up their body temperature up, keep them on formula to help them gain weight and get them thru the rainy season, they would have a fighting chance. In my mothers heart, I knew something was just not right with Juddah. His head shape was not right. He had two bumps on each side of his head, across the top of his skull there was a bump front to back on his skull, and he had no soft spot. Finally at Korean hospital, the doctor shared his fears with us. He sent Juddah for an ultrasound of his head. The results came back... hydrocephalus. I took a deep breath and asked the doctor, 'so now what?' his reply was 'we do nothing'... what? my heart sank. What about a CT scan, I asked... he said yes we can send you for that, but there is not much we can do even with the results... I wanted the CT scan done, so he wrote us up a referral, and we headed to window #4 to pay, and then headed down to room #23, only to find out that their CT scanner was broken... hmmm. Went home and checked around as to where we could get a CT scan done. Mastee, my good friend and translator in Addis, was ready to help. His mother is a nurse, he called her and she gave us directions to a place to have it done. When we arrived, the waiting room was full and were told that it would be an all day wait. So we waited, only to get the results we didn't want to hear... confirmed hydrocephalus, brain atrophy, and fused sutures. With results in hand we headed back to the Korean hospital to meet again with the doctor. He gave us the grim news, that in Ethiopia they do nothing for this condition... they just don't treat it here. He continued, If we were in America, well that's another story, he would be admitted to a hospital, and receive the care he needed, but here in Ethiopia, we just sit back, there is nothing we can do! My mind began to spin! What? so you just let him... what? Die? Watch his brain slowly disappear? Watch his face become deformed as the days go by? Sit back and wonder if he is in pain?

But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish Psalm 9:18
Prayer Warriors needed

Meet Sarah

October 30, 2010
This is Sarah. Juddah's twin sister. She was born second and appears to be thriving.  Oh how they are both little loves. There is nothing like holding each of them, having them hold on to your finger and stare into your eyes.... they truly are gifts from the Lord! 

Berhanu and Juddah

October 31, 2010
Berhanu is a young man in Korah who goes with me on all the hospital and clinic runs. I wouldn't be able to accomplish what we are able to get done in one day if he wasn't part of the team. He is an awesome man of God, and was with me the day we found the twins. Here is a picture of him holding Juddah for the first time. In Korah men just don't hold newborns. It's part of their culture. But when I handed off Juddah to Berhanu, it was if he had been a father for a long time. It just came natural to him. It wasn't until a few minutes later that he let me know that he had never held a baby before. By the smile on his face and the way he was gently talking to and comforting Juddah, I would have never have guessed it was the first time he was holding a baby.

whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, "this is the way; walk in it" Isaiah 30:21

Prayer Requests

November 2, 2010
We serve a big God, and baby Juddah has some big prayer requests... Just found out today that before he gets his visa he needs to be tested for HIV and TB. The results of the HIV test won't affect his visa status, but the TB test will. He won't be allowed to travel if he is positive, and the treatment for TB is a long one.

We are just in the beginning stages of finding a hospital and surgeon to commit to helping Juddah. I believe that the Lord is raising up a team of people to help Juddah, and we need to do all we can to get the word out so that we all can connect. Pray that this would come together quickly and hearts would be softened toward Juddah's situation.

We need to do all we can to keep Juddah as healthy as possible until he is able to get the surgery. Pray that funds would become available to continue to provide him and his sister with formula, clean water and diapers. Those are the bare basics they need right now, later we will be raising funds for travel expenses.

Prayer warriors needed.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

Juddah's CT scan

November 3, 2010
If any of you has a connection to a hospital, or a neurosurgeon that might be willing to help Juddah, I have his CT scan you can download from mediafire and forward thru email available here Juddah CT scan. Just click on the link let the page load, and then you should be able to download the files.  Thanks so much

Love Overflowing

November 4, 2010
Wow! God is big! I know that in my heart and mind, but when he shows me in a tangible way, a way that I can actually see him working through His people for His purposes, it just blows me away and brings me to my knees in tears... tears of joy! The outpour of love and compassion for little Juddah, our miracle Korah baby, has been beyond what I could have imagined.

The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior! Psalm 18:46

The way the Lord is bringing people together from all over the world, just astounds me. People I don't even know have reached out. This is the true body of Christ working together for His purpose. I am convinced of that, because in no humanly way could any one of us here on earth work this out. It's going to take all of us working together.

Here are just a few of the many options and solutions that are being explored for Juddah's surgery and visa. Two senators in two different states have been contacted and may be able to help expedite his visa. We have 3 different hospitals who are exploring the possibilities of treating Juddah. Many requests from doctors and surgeons have been received wanting more information and requesting his CT scan. One hospital in Uganda which specializes in hydrocephalus and run by an american doctor has showed interest.

We have received donations for Juddah and Sarah to cover formula, clean water, and diapers from Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, and the United Kingdom. What we have received so far will keep them covered for the next two months. Donations are still greatly appreciated, if we can keep them in diapers and on formula/clean water thru the rainy season, it would be amazing. Any donations received beyond what is needed for that will be used for future needs. Travel/visa fees/hospital fees and whatever else comes up.

Two people have reposted about Juddah and his story on their blogs, from that we have gotten more people come to Juddahs' blog to learn more. If any of you would like to share his story or post a link to this blog please do so, you never know who or where the Lord might touch someone.

Thanks to everyone who has heeded the whisper of a still small voice they have heard in reply to a prayer sent out by the saints for our sweet baby Juddah.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen... Ephesians3:20

Prayer Warriors still needed

Stirring in the heavenlies

November 5, 2010
God is sure making a rumbling in the heavenlies On Juddah's behalf I'll be able to share details later. Prayer warriors be praying for his visa to come together quickly and that his TB tests would be negative.