One little boy.... so much joy

Sometimes I just stare at him and wonder how the Lord packed so much joy into one little soul.... One little soul that some thought we should not try and save. One little soul that some felt not worthy of our time and energy and resources. One little soul that some thought would never amount to anything because of the brain atrophy shown on an early MRI. Oh how they were so very wrong! What the world would be missing out on without this one little bright light.... this one little boy who lets his light shine for the one who knit him together. This one little soul who is a beacon of hope! Praising God tonight for the way he worked all things together for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purposes. 

Juddah's MRI on Thursday went very smooth. No complications from the anesthetic, which makes the thought of surgery a little less daunting, knowing that he has been put under twice now with no adverse effects. His follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon is on Monday at 9:30... please be in prayer that a course of treatment would be clear. Thank you so much for continuing to pray for and support Juddah, it makes this whole process a little easier knowing that you are all out there and together the saints are lifting him up!

Prayer Warriors still needed

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