Welcome to Virginia, an outpouring of support

Backtracking just a bit. It seems time quickly escapes when you have a little one. There never seems to be enough time to get the things done that you would like to. I've been wanting to post this since we arrived in Virginia but am just now getting around to it. When Juddah and I arrived in VA, Jody Hilt of Talk is Sheep, a great friend to me and to Korah, picked us up at the airport. Jody, her husband and 4 daughters live in Blacksburg, about an hours drive from the airport and the hospital. When we arrived at the Hilt Family Inn, waiting for Juddah was some beautiful artwork that had been done by some of the children at Dayspring Christian Academy, where her daughters, Emma, Mimi, Callie and Zoey attend. Their classes have been praying for Juddah, and decided one day during free time to create Juddah some artwork!  They are beautiful. Thank you girls and friends at Dayspring!  While we were at the Hilt's some friends from their church, the Mock Family,  left a car for Juddah and I to use, quite a blessing. So we were able to return the rental car. Thank you Mock family! We love you and we haven't even met you yet. Also one day an envelope arrived from family at Thompson Station Church in Tennessee, when I opened it up, gift cards came pouring out, not just one or two, but a whole slew of them! Gift cards to places to eat, grocery stores, Starbucks, Target, and so much more.... I have been able to use them to purchase diapers and forumla, and Juddah and I have been out to eat a couple of times! What a blessing. 

Juddah and I were blessed to stay with the Hilt Family during our first 10 days in Virginia, and will return to their home periodically during our stay here. Love you guys!
When it came time for Juddah to begin testing, MRI, CT and doctor appointments, we moved to the Ronald McDonald House in Roanoake, so we could be closer to the hospital. It was such a blessing to us and to other families who find themselves needing somewhere to stay when their children are in the hospital. The rooms are lovely, two queen beds, private bathroom, full laundry facilities, full guest kitchen, evening home-cooked meals provided my church groups, and all the supplies needed to make your own breakfast and lunches. All at no charge. It's an amazing place staffed with kind and caring people who are there to meet your every need.  Juddah and I were guests there for a week during his tests and will return when he is admitted to the hospital. It is just 2 blocks from the hospital. 
When it came time for us to leave the Ronald McDonald house, (you can only stay there while your child is having appointments or is in the hospital) A nurse from Carilion, who works on the Vascular floor opened her home up to us. Melissa and Tim Witten and their two children, Hunter and Katie, have blessed us with a guest room in their home. We had never met, but got introduced thru Sandy Sayre... another Team Juddah Champion, who has advocated for Juddah from the beginning, when it was first known that Juddah needed to come to the USA,  also works in the vascular unit at the hospital.  
The nurses who work in the Vascular unit of the hospital have also taken up a offering for Juddah, and have added to his bank account to use for his needs as they come up. 
It seems He has opened the floodgates for Juddah, and providing at every turn. We are thankful. 
We have also had the pleasure of meeting Heidi and Jonathan Grooms, missionaries to India and Haiti, we shared stories, and talked about Ethiopia. They are also in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, so we had a lot to talk about. We are planning to meet up later in the week, they have a vision for partnering with Korah, so we will pray about that and see where the Lord leads. Heidi has a blog here if you'd like to catch up with them and see what they are up to.  Heidi's Blog
God really has supplied all of our needs as they have come up, and in ways I never expected. I am so thankful to the body of Christ for opening their hearts and homes to Juddah.  I thank God for each one of you. Thank you for diligently praying for Juddah and the path that the Lord is taking him on right now. Juddah has been a light to all those who have come into contact with him. 
Juddah's next appointment will be on the 15th with the neurosurgeon, to go over the MRI and the CT scan and discuss weather or not it will be safe and beneficial to do a pressure check on Juddah's brain. Dr. Apfel didn't go into detail about it at the last appointment, but said she would have to wait until she got the results of the MRI, to determine if the vein was large enough in Juddah's head to safely do the procedure. I'm not sure what this week will hold, but I'm sure the Lord has something planned for us. We continue to take it one day at a time and go where He leads us. 

The eternal God is your refuge, 
and underneath are the everlasting arms.
Deuteronomy 33:27

Prayer Warriors needed

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You got prayer warriors!!! LOVE seeing how God is working this amazing journey!!!