Dream Big Dreams

I wanna see something I've not seen

Something so big
I wanna be a part of something great
Greater than me
It's time to dream big dreams
To see Your vision
Become reality
'Cause it's for You, by You, those who
Love You wanna do
Something so big
It's destined to fail without You, Lord
It's gonna fail without You, Lord
Something so great
It takes a miracle to do
We, Your children
Wanna do something big for You
We, yes, we are gonna sing a brand new song
Something so strong
We will be the sound that wakes the dawn
Something so loud
It's time for breaking through
'Cause there are no limits
For he who holds the truth
When it's for You, and by You, and those who
Love You wanna do
Something bigger, something greater
For the glory of Your splendor
Something bigger, something greater
Tell the story of Your wondrous love
Your wondrous love
Those who love You wanna do
As long as we live, let us do something so big for You

These are the words to a John Waller song. It is a song I heard for the first time about two years ago. It made an impression on me then and has been pressing on my heart ever since. When in Korah for the first time, the words came to sink deeper in my soul and resonate with a stronger tone. As I walked the streets of Korah and hiked to the top of the seemingly never ending trash dump, every breath I took, the putrid smell increasing and getting stronger as I got closer to the top, wishing I could just vomit and take the smell away. Arriving at the top, I looked down on the hills and valleys of rotting food, rubbish, dead animals and swampy water. And as I looked into the faces of the people, metal hooks in hand scavenging thru the refuse for food and recyclable material, it hit me like a bolt of lightening... this is big .... insurmountable, unbelievable, and tragic. Something with no beginning and no end. It has no quick fix. There is no 'easy' button. It's something most of the world will never witness and cannot be fully understood until the stench sickens your stomach, and are witness with your own eyes to the devastation the human soul is undeservedly sentenced to... a life of disease and poverty and condemned to the trash dump. It is a picture that haunts me. It has stuck in my brain like a bad horror movie. Images that I can't and don't want to ever let go of.

But since my first visit to the trash dump, God has repeatdly reminded me that He is bigger than this.

In this world you will have trouble. 
But take heart! I have overcome the world.
John 16:33
So, now it's time to dream big dreams. Since April I have spent about 24 weeks in Korah. During this time I have seen the insides many clinics and hospitals and labs. Have taken patients for treatment of fungus, typhoid, Hepatitis B, Leprosy, HIV and Aids, tuberculosis, upper respiratory infections, broken bones, dehydration, severe depression, open wounds, obstructed bowels, parasites, herpes zoster, fistulas, abscessed teeth, and so much more, have packed around x-ray films in my backpack too numerous to count and have gotten hundreds of prescriptions filled.

On any given day, depending on how many patients need to be seen, I may need go to 6 different clinics/hospitals located at opposite ends of the city. Transportation is what usually keeps us from getting all those who we are treating that day into a clinic. Traffic is a mess in Addis, and adds to time lost, all medical facilities close for lunch anywhere from 1-2 hours. Nothing is done by appointment.. it is all by drop in on a first come first serve basis. I may set out in the morning with a van full of kids who need to medical treatment, and at the end of day only half of them actually got in to see a doctor or nurse. So we head back to Korah, only to set out again the next day with the 3 who didn't get seen the day before, and add 4-6 more kids to the mix and so the cycle continues, as does the sickness, and the feelings of hopelessness in those patients who over and over do not get the help they need.

So I do have a big dream. A big dream for Korah and Project61. It is a dream that will fail without the Lords help. It is going to take a miracle to make it happen. But with the Lord their are no limits to what He can accomplish, of that I'm sure. I've been blessed to see our limitless God in action over the past few months in the way that he is bringing his plan to fruition with baby Juddah.

Korah needs a clinic that can serve His people. I am asking you to stand in the gap with me and Project61 as we pray for a clinic for Korah. Can you join us in prayer for a clinic for Korah? It is a big dream, but God is Bigger!

Cause there are no limits
For he who holds the truth
When it's for You, and by You, and those who
Love You wanna do
Something bigger, something greater
For the glory of Your splendor
Something bigger, something greater
Tell the story of Your wondrous love
Prayer Warriors Needed

Here is a link to the song so you can listen if you'd like!


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Praying for a clinic & many greater things! Yes, it's me Angela/aka Big Nanny...I just saw the comment that you left on my blog the other day:)

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How can we support? Will be praying. Who do we send money to as well?

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