Roanoke, we miss you!

Juddah was mumbling something in his sleep last night, and when i put my ear down close to him and listened I'm pretty sure I heard him say something about Roanoke, and Avenel Avenue. He rolled over and then whispered...'Hunter, Katie, where are you?' I realized then just how much we both miss our Roanoke family the Wittens. Tim, Melissa, Hunter and Katie welcomed Juddah and I into their home for what was to be a five week stay which then turned into a 5 month stay. They welcomed us having never met us before. The first time we met face to face was when Juddah and I showed up at their front door. 

Melissa is a nurse on the 6th floor of the hospital where Juddah had all his surgeries. She is part of the group at Carilion who adopted Juddah and loved him before he ever arrived in Virginia. When she and her family found out we needed a place to stay close to the hospital, they opened their hearts and home wide to us. Such a blessing it was! Hunter and Katie quickly became like a brother and sister to Juddah, always wondering how he was doing and surrounded him with big hugs and silly faces.  Hunter has a special way of saying 'Ju-ddah' which instantly brings out a giggle and a smile on Juddah's face. Katie and Juddah became experts on several episodes of the Backyardigans, and she is always ready to share her special rock collection with Juddah. 

Tim and Melissa welcomed the 'baby explosion' that invaded their house... carseat, bouncy seat, diapers, excersaucer, crib, bottles and all the equipment that comes along with a baby. What an encouragement they were for us. Some days were just plain hard, emotionally and physically and they both were always available with a hug and encouraging word. They are both good listeners and just really cared about what was going on in the 'Juddah world'.   It was so nice just to have a place to stay that really felt like a home-away-from-home. Oh and the fact that Melissa is a nurse, an added bonus for all those questions I had!

Tim and Melissa quickly took an interest in Korah and wanted to know everything about it. We spent many nights just talking about Korah and what life was like there. I am so blessed that Melissa will be a part of the October medical mission trip I am leading in October and I know in the not to distant future Tim will also visit. Yeah! 

Witten Family.... we miss you terribly.... 
you have an open invite to come and stay with us in Oregon!
Thank you for sharing your home, hearts, 
and life with us while we were in Roanoke..... 
You blessed our socks off!

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