Baskets are in the mail!

For those of you who ordered baskets a while back and paid for them via paypal,  they have been shipped to you and should arrive shortly in your mailbox! Yeah.... for those of you who are waiting to order baskets, we have another shipment that is in the USA and will be ready soon to order... I will post here on the blog with a paypal button when they are here and ready to be ordered.

We got some cute new styles, and now have four women in the program.  I head to Addis in a few weeks and will be working on the basket project with the women and soon we hope to have a smooth running basket project..... with LOTS of product.

Thank you for your patience as we get the ball rolling, but most of all thank you for supporting Chebree (Juddah's mom) and the 3 other mothers in Korah who thru this project will be able to stop foraging at the trash dump and move from where they are living now into actual homes...

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Brooke said...

I love these!!! I can't wait to buy some!!!!!!