Update (Korah, Ethiopia)

November 8, 2010
Today I got an email from Berhanu. There is good news, and news that needs prayer. The good news is that tomorrow little Juddah goes in for his HIV testing. The bad news is that one hospital and one clinic turned him down for TB testing. Both said he was too young for the saliva 3 day test, which is the standard in Ethiopia, and that he is too small for the radiation that goes along with the chest x-ray. Now I know we have some readers who have adopted infants from Ethiopia, and they had to be tested before they could leave the country. To those of you who have adopted infants, could you check with your adoption agency and find out who did the TB testing on them, and then let me know. I know there is a way to get this done, we just need to figure it out.

Please pray that the results for his HIV test will reveal a negative result, and that we can find the right clinic or hospital who will do the TB test on him. Juddah has an appointment on Tuesday to pick up his passport, we are excited to see that! The first of many steps that need to be completed to bring Juddah to the US for surgery.

This is just a little bump in the road, and I know that the Lord will work it out.

Prayer Warriors needed

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Kat said...

Bekah came home with active TB. I will call Wide Horizons tomorrow.