Just had a thought (Korah, Ethiopia)

November 7, 2010
So I've been thinking a lot about Juddah's mama today. How she has no idea how the body of Christ is coming together to pray for and support their little family. I thought how am I ever going to convey this message to her to let her know how much she and her children are loved? Loved by complete strangers, Loved by those that love the Lord and want to serve him, and be obedient to His word and what he speaks of in James 1:27.... Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. How could this be made known to her that she is being surrounded by prayer?

Then this popped into my brain... what if we had a Christmas card drive, where we send her a little note, or a card!

How great would that be? She is a sweet lady who has probably never received a card in her life. She has no mailbox, no mailing address, no reason to really get mail. Can you imagine the smile on her face, as she opens little notes of love... love letters to her and her family?

Of course we would have to have a translator there to read them to her... but I know just where we can find one (wink*wink*) Mastee, are you reading this? :)

Emily my daughter leaves for Korah in just 8 short days. She could be our mail delivery girl and hand deliver them! I realize that this is short notice, but it would only take 5 minutes of your time, and a postage stamp! How easy is that....

If you would like to send a little envelope of love to Weysheniet (Juddah's mom), Juddah, Sarah and Mahalet (5year old sister)

Here is my address:
Cherrie Cornish
4160 Chambers Avenue South
Salem, OR 97302



Heather said...

Card is on its way, Cherrie! Great idea, sweet lady!


Holli said...

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! My card will not get there in time but sending one to Sammy so will add two and he will give it to her! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!