Totally Amazed.... Again!

Why am I always so surprised when God does something amazing? It's in His nature, it's a part of who He is to do the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the things that make you just shake your head in awe and say 'thank you'.  The things that make your heart smile.....

Well I had one of those days today. I have so much to share with you all since my last post, but want to get this blogged first. First let share with you all Sammy is here! Yeah! He arrived two nights ago. We are so very excited to have him here in our home until the new year. For those of you who don't know Sammy, he is a young man from Korah Ethiopia who is one of the leaders of Great Hope Ministries in Korah, the community where Juddah was born, the community which is my second home and the place that Emily, my oldest daughter has moved to and has set up a medical clinic after passing her boards in June.

Today Sammy and I had lunch with a young man named Michael Turner who lives here in Salem. Michael has also served in Korah for three days over the summer with a group called the Mocha Club. Michael and I have been trying to meet up to talk 'Korah' since August. Life just has happened and we just never got together until now. Today over lunch Michael shared his story and how God has put Korah on his heart, that is turn led him to share his heart and Korah with his church family. Sammy and I were both amazed and so encouraged as we sat and listened to Michael share. As Michael shared with his church the story of Korah and what his experiences were in Korah, his church was moved, and they were moved to pray and to do more. Michael shared several stories of how the body of his church are now praying for Korah, and that in their hearts they knew they could do more. They had questions about what could they do for Korah? How can they help? What are the needs in the ministry? How can they be praying for Korah? And so the idea of a benefit concert has taken shape. This church body, is now hosting a Korah Christmas December 18th. It is a benefit concert for Korah. 

As Sammy said walking out to the car, "we step out with a simple act of faith and God will use it to do great things for His Glory. God enables us to experience His power, how big He is, and who He is, when we let ourselves become small and Him to be BIG!. Sammy then shared the verse in John 3:30

 He must increase, but I must decrease.

As Sammy and I walked out to the car we both were thinking the same thought... 'one man named Michael came to Korah for three days, came home and shared what he saw, shared his heart, and now an entire church body is praying for Korah and has been moved to do more.' I think we just sat in the car for a couple of moments saying 'wow'.  Lord we are continually blessed and amazed by your awesome master plan and how you weave people and circumstances together. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your plan.

Another part of the story is that some of the founders and members of this church are friends of Emily's. Some of whom she went to middle school and High school... how cool is that? That friends who she shared school together with are now supporting the very ministry that she is a part of in Korah. Is there a like/love button anywhere on this blog, if there were I think I just may hit it 1000 times or until it wears out!

Sammy shared tonight how blessed he feels everyday to see His hand and His power and His presence and that this was just one more example of that.

So, we would like to invite you all to join us at Korah Christmas for a night of fellowship. Hope those of you who are within driving distance will be able to join us!
Blessing to all this Christ-mas season.

Prayer Warriors still needed,

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