So much to catch up on

Gosh, I have so much blogging to catch up on, it has been weeks ago since I last wrote, and now it's gotten to the point that I wonder where to start. So tonight as I stressed over where to begin, I have decided to just start with today and go from there.

But first a quick update on Juddah. He has has been doing extremely great these past 3 months while recovering from his surgeries. His personality continues to blossom and his light just seems to shine brighter and brighter. Lately he is discovering the sounds he can make with his voice. He has always been a babbler, but now he is experimenting with the highs/lows, softness/loudness, and different sounds he can make when he laughs. In addition to being a professional clapper, he is now an expert in the art of rolling from one side of the room to the other. His laughter and smile are just as contagious as ever. While he is still not crawling, or able to pull himself up to a sitting position on his own, he sits strong by himself once he is helped getting into the position. His pediatrician and physical therapists are very hopeful that with help he will be able to crawl and eventually walk. Every day that goes by Rick and I see Juddah getting stronger, and are amazed at the joy that comes from within his little soul. 

At his last neurosurgeon appointment, he was released from monthly appointments, and now will only go back if there is a problem. Wahoo!  One less doctor appointment to schedule. We are working on getting caught up on his immunizations, and next week he will go to Casey Eye Institute in Portland to get his eyes checked. One of his eyes has always turned in, but it was never clear if that was a result of the pressure inside his brain, or if it was a muscular problem. Next week hopefully we will have the answer so it can start to be corrected. 

Juddah now sports 4 beautiful white teeth. Two on the bottom and two on the top, and just in the last week figured out how to chew some serious food. Tonight he had roast pork which brought a big ole smile to his face.... wonder if he is going to be a meat lover like his uncles in Ethiopia? 

We have much to be thankful for, God's mercy, grace and peace are abundant.

On to today. Do you ever have a day where you just sit in awe and say 'Really Lord, Really? How in the world did you work that one out?' followed by a dumbfounded moment where your jaw just hangs open because of what just happened and next you are just giddy inside realizing that God is the God of impossible and has such big plans that you can't even think things up in your brain like what just happened?  Well, that was me today! 

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am leading a medical mission team to Korah Ethiopia in 3 weeks to work in Juddah's backyard and set up a temporary medical clinic. Our team is now up to 20. 20 people who the Lord has chosen in advance to be a part a part of our team. As I've been working on the preparations for the trip and having conference calls with our team, I was feeling as tho our team was not complete, and that there was one more person that the Lord was calling, but I put it on the back shelf and continued on in the preparations,  and today is when it all made sense...  I had a bunch of errands that I had to do today, and was planning on doing them while Juddah took his nap... LOL!  all parents know that when you plan for a nap, it 'just ain't happenin', so off Juddah and I headed on our errands, One stop I had to make was to pick up prescriptions at Walgrens, I was certain that Juddah would be asleep in the car by then and that I would just go thru the drive-thru to pick them up. The pharmacist there is quite grumpy, and never in his 'happy place' so I usually don't like to go inside. But Juddah was still bright eyed and bushy tailed in the backseat when we rolled in the parking lot, I decided to go in and look around to see if there were any clearance items that might be useful on our trip, and pick up the prescriptions at the counter.... When it came our turn at the counter, I noticed a new pharmacist, my eyebrows raised as I thought to myself...'he looks like he could be from Ethiopia' not sure if I should start a conversation with him, I decided to wait and see if he started it first.  The first thing out of his mouth when he came to the counter as he was looking straight at Juddah was, 'where is he from?' when I said Ethiopia, the pharmacist got the biggest smile on his face and looked me straight in the eye and said I'm from Ethiopia.... the door was opened and delightful conversation ensued...  we first talked about what part of the country he was from, then what part Juddah was from, again he looked me straight in the eye and with a smile on his face he said, I'm leaving next week to go back for a visit! Then I busted out with, ME TOO! in 3 weeks, he told me he would still be there when I'm there, and of course I had to tell him about the medical team, and then as casually as I would ask him directions, asked him if he wanted to be part of our team and come to the clinic in Korah....  you know what he said..... can you guess?  Yep, we are going to connect while he is in Addis and if it works into his schedule he is coming to be a part of our clinic.  OK, so seriously Lord, Really.... how in the world did you work this one out?  A pharmacist who is from Ethiopia, speaks the language, is going to be in country at the same time as our clinic, and you had our schedules collide today! REALLY!

Once gain the Lord has shown me that is the Master Planner and that His ways are so much bigger than my ways... Lord thank you for letting me be a part of your master plan! God is the God of unexpected surprises isn't he......

Prayer Warriors still needed!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us
Ephesians 3:20


Holli said...

Mouth dropped open here!!!!! That is so amazing!!!!!! God is so good all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave on sat for ET. Can not wait!!!!!!!!!! Praying for your team!!!!! And of always the people of Korah!!!!!

buege821 said...

Right before I left for Ethiopia last January, I was at Walgreens pharmacy picking up my antibiotics for the trip and the pharmacist, whom I've talked to many times in the past, asked where I was going (that I needed these meds)..,,I told her addis and you'll never guess, that's where her mother is from and where she was born (moved here as toddler). Crazy!
Only God ;)