With Love from Ethiopia

Today a team came thru Korah, and as I talked with Caleb, one of the team members he told me that he read Juddah's blog that morning? I was surprised as I have never gotten a blogger blog to load, or been able to post to a blog while here. He explained that he just goes to blogger.com and opens the blog from there... Sure enough when I got home that night I was able to open this blog... Thanks Caleb!

So just a quick update on Juddah. Today on that same team, their were two doctors. One from America and one from the UK who runs a clinic in the Congo. Both of them took the time to read Juddah's CT scan before they left so they had an idea of his condition before they got here. Both of them examined Juddah and came to the same conclusions. Juddah is physically much stronger that the CT would lead a doctor to believe, They both commented that from the CT they were expecting to see a physically much different baby. That he was alert and his reflexes good. They both said they have no problem with him traveling on the plane for his surgery. When they examined his head, it was clear that his sutures were still fused, and he had a fluid filled bump on the side of his head, probably due to the hydrocephalus. His heart and lungs sounded good, and there were no traces of the pneumonia left.

Prayer Warriors needed

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