CT Scan today!

Juddah was scheduled for his MRI and CT scan today at Carilion. It is the first of many appointments at the hospital. I was just starting to give him a bottle when the radiologist came out and said "oops". Well that can never be good, I thought to myself. Somehow the instructions never got to me about the feeding schedule before the MRI. Juddah was to have no bottle 5 hours prior to his appointment. So, the MRI was rescheduled for next week, but they were able to do the CT scan. They were so sweet to Juddah, they went and got some warm blankets to wrap him in, to help him lay still. I didn't get any reading or results from the CT today. The neurosurgeon will go over them with me at Juddah's appointment.


Heather said...

Imagine how many lives are being touched just at the hospital alone by this little baby's story. God definitely wants His love to be seen and known by all.

Donna said...

The tears just rolled down my cheeks as I read your post and how you are giving this time of your life for the life of this precious boy. Thank you for sharing with all of this so that we can rejoice along with you.

LOVE the photos. I cannot get over how good he looks.

Amy said...

We are praying for baby Juddah! Our son had to be hospitalized at Carilion Children's for 20+ days with a life threatening infection and I will tell you I was really impressed with the level of care for him! I will pray that baby Juddah receives the best care possible and that everyone he comes into contact with will be blessed by his story and the doors will be open to share the Gospel!