December 7, 2010
I am home now from Virginia and the meeting with Carrilion Children's Hospital. As most of you know we now have the final go ahead on Baby Juddah's surgery. The details are still being worked out and now we wait and pray on his medical visa approval. I will write more about the meeting and what are our next steps are in an upcoming post.

As I was going thru the emails from all of you, and getting the coffee bean christmas ornaments ready to ship out, I got a note from a family who made a donation to the general Juddah fund. It's one of those notes that as you read it, that just melts your heart.

Here is what the note said:

Hi Cherrie-we are glad to help in any way we can. Our kids have been saving change and, rather than spending money on ice cream, toys, etc, diverting that money to a charity jar. They were extremely excited to be able to help a least a little bit as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Juddah!

Prayer warriors can come in all sizes! I love the way that God will use anyone, when hearts are open to his guidance, without regard to age. I don't have a clue who these children are, but I'm sending out a great big shout out to them. Thank you for choosing others over self... may the Lord bless you mightily.

Prayer warriors needed

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