Guest Blogger: Emily

so this posts needs a little preface..... while in Korah this last trip and spending time with Juddah's family, I got to know mama quite well and we became good friends. I called her Weysheniet, that's the name I know her by. So can you imagine my surprise when on Juddah's birth certificate her name is listed as Shebere. Oh my goodness could it be I had been calling her by the wrong name for the last 2 months. Well, the next time I was skyping with Emily and Berhanu, it was the first question I asked them... and yes... it's true, I had been calling her by the wrong name and no one corrected me... so there you have it.. Juddahs mama will always be know to me as Weysheniet, and yes the cards you all wrote to her were addressed to Weysheniet. Emily and Berhanu explained my mistake to her, and she was very gracious about it.... so with that said here is a the guest post for today.

Emily my daughter, who has been in Ethiopia working in
Korah with Project 61 and taking care of Juddah.

Oh when I look into the eyes of baby
Juddah, I can only see my Jesus staring right back at me. I have had the honor and privilege of caring for the twins during my time in Korah. The best part of my day is going to their house to deliver formula, food, and lots of love! Today when I visited, Juddah was like a different baby - he was wide awake, his breathing sounded clear, no coughing, and he drank a whole bottle for me. Oh and he looks so handsome in his new camo onsie! Prayer warriors, thank you - we can feel it. Continue to pray that he can remain comfortable - he is rather fussy, probably due to extreme discomfort in his head related to the hydrocephalus. Shebere (mama) was overwhelmed with joy as I handed her stack of 30+ letters from people who love her and are praying for her around the world. And yes, my mother told ya'll the wrong name for her...that was a little humorous for Berhanu and I to explain to her. If only she knew how many lives Juddah's story is touching. She is such an inspiration to me - what a strong woman of God who knows what it means to trust Him in everything.

Specific prayer requests - that we can get mama's birth date correctly converted from ET calendar to American calendar (silly I know), for
Juddah to remain free of any sickness and be comfortable, for Shebere to have energy to care for her children, wisdom in deciding if Juddah's mother will travel with him, and that a police report related to Juddah's father can be found so that we can finally submit his visa.

As we hit a few bumps in the road along the way and the process seems to take longer than expected, I am reminded that God is on
Juddah's side. When I think that Juddah cannot survive one more day without this surgery, I remember that God has made it so evident that He is working on his behalf and He is in control. We have absolutely nothing to worry about because He holds this precious baby in His arms. Baby Juddah, we love you so much. Hold on tight. You are so worth it

the last picture is Berhanu helping big sister put on her new shoes!



jody said...

oh my heart....he is looking so good, though!!! yay! So thankful for Emily and B!!! :)

Chelsea said...

such a good update to read!! Emily you have such a way with words and those pictures just touch my heart! I'm so glad you get to spend time with such a special little boy :) I love the camo shirt as well!