A few questions answered

November 6, 2010
Just received a few questions from a reader, and thought I should answer them here. If one person has the question, I'm sure there are others who have the same questions.

1. Who will the children go to after they are in the states? As of today only Juddah will be traveling for His surgery. Sarah will stay home with her grandmother. We are also looking into the possibility of his mama getting a visa and being able to travel with him. Time is of the essence for little Juddah, and each day that goes by his condition worsens. We are working on getting both of them visas, but if mamma's doesn't arrive when Juddah's does.... well we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

2. Who will be their legal guardian? The questions on the visa form ask for a name of who will be traveling the patient. I plan on going to Korah to pick up Juddah when the time comes.

3. Is the mama ok with them coming here? The last week I was in Korah, before I left to come back to the states, I sat down with mama, and shared with her all of the information I had gotten from the doctors in ET. We talked of how it was her decision as to whether or not Juddah comes to the US for his surgery. I told her she didn't need to make that decision right then, that I would come to the US and start the paperwork, so if she decided it was right for him to have the surgery, his paperwork would be ready. Three days later I spoke with Berhanu, and he said she has decided it would be best for Juddah to have the surgery. I cannot wait to share with her, how many people are praying for Juddah and her whole family and reaching out to them thru prayer and financial support. And how God has orchestrated Juddahs plan by bringing together the perfect team to care for him while he is here. My daughter, Emily leaves for ET to work in Korah in just 8 days. She will be taking a computer into Korah and to Juddah's house so we can skype.... I will share with her thru a translator all the good news! I cannot wait to see the babies and mama again!

4. Are they being adopted? Right now mama has no plans to give them up for adoption.

5. Will they go back to Africa at some point? Yes, Juddah will go back home to Korah as soon as the doctors feel he is ready to travel. He will then be seen by doctors in ET for follow-up care.

Hope this information helps... please let me know if any of you have more questions.... I may not have the answer, we are all just learning as we go along, but I will do my best

For I know the plans I have for you (JUDDAH), 'declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Prayer Warriors Needed!


Wes And Nina said...

Ah, so amazing! Can't wait to be on the other side, once he's had his surgery and returned to Ethiopia, and to hear about the amazing things that happen after.

Pamela Johnson said...

Thanks for the update. Love you SO much, Cherrie!

Megan said...

He's so beautiful! I have a child with hydrocephalus myself and know all the pain and agony that come with dealing with this condition. My baby boy is doing really well now, but just wanted to let you know Baby Juddah will most definitely be in our thoughts and prayers even though we are all strangers! Much love!